15 11 2009

This blog will be a holding place for old photos, notes and memories for the ancestral families of Karen Clark Jacobs and Joel Paul Jacobs.

Joel’s family currently includes Bering and Jacobs

Karen’s family will include Spencer and Whaley on her mother’s side and Clark on her father’s side.

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Additions and corrections are encouraged, either email me or leave a comment on the appropriate page. I expect this won’t be finished quickly but it will give great satisfaction that these memories can be shared.

Whaley Links

15 11 2009

Link to Family Tree Maker – extensive from – Whaley – London – 1735

Link to info re Wm DG Whaley of Onslow Co., NC

Link to list of internments at Whaley Family Cemetery, Onslow Co., NC

Lucien Orvile Gail Whaley

14 11 2009

William Tammy Whaley

14 11 2009

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Mary Samantha Whaley Clark Hickson

14 11 2009

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William Durant Green Whaley

14 11 2009

William Durant Green Whaley, born 1864 in Onslow Co., North Carolina; died at age 70, July 11, 1934.
He was 6’4″

The son of Durant Green Whaley 1825-1864, and Mary E. Jones 1832-1898.

Father of Mary Samatha, Wm Tammy and Lucien Orville Gail.

He is buried in the Whaley Cemetery in Richlands, Onslow Co., NC

Papa’s sister
Elizabeth, N.C.

Married Ida Spencer in 1909
in Bowie County Texas (Maude/Redwater)

De Queen, Horatio and Frog Level are all possible locations where they first settled.
I think I remember being told they had a strawberry farm and a general store.

DG bought the first automobile in the area, a Studebaker, though he couldn’t drive it. He had a relative in Florida (cousin?) and decided to move his family there. He hired a driver for his car and when there were no roads, they loaded the car on a train.

He prospered in Florida as a cattle rancher, it is said that at one time he was considered one of the wealthiest men in Florida. He lost his money in the great depression and died a few years later. Ida, 20 yrs younger, struggled to keep the farm together but Tammy had to come home from the University of Florida in Gainesville to help when it was discovered that the foreman, a black man, was rustling their cattle.

From “Family Tree Maker”
WDGW left North Carolina after leaving the Baptist Ministry and moved to Bowie Co., Texas at Texarkana. From this prior info showed him born in 1864. From his tombstone record, he is buried in the Whaley Cemetery in Richlands, Onslow Co., NC. He would have been 71 on his next birthday. Info by Carolyn Harmon.

According to info by Carmen Lyons, he was a tobacco farmer and preacher in Onslow County, NC. He founded Whaley Chapel [Hargetts Crossroads] in Jones County, NC. He is supposed to have owned 1000 acres in Jones County. It is rumored that Nancy Ann his first wife was Mean as a Snake. It is told that on coming home from an extended preaching circuit that he found that his wife had given birth to a red-headed baby that looked much like the hired farm hand. Shortly after, William took a 100 pound salt bag that was full of Money and left for Texas. In Texas he met and married Ida Spencer and moved from there to Frog Level, Arkansas and then to Shady, Marion County, Florida. Supposedly he lost everything in the stock market crash.

According to info by Pamela Griffin, her father-in-law gave a little bit more on the Whaley House in the picture. He believes it was built around 1900. He lived there with his first wife and she lived there until her death. Pamela’s father-in-law was born there but never lived there. His mother, Robena Whaley Griffin went home to give birth with the help of her mother, Nancy. My father-in-law said that WDG did not die in NC., but was sent back from Florida by his second wife to be buried in the family cemetery. He said he remembered seeing him in a coffin and that he was a ‘very big man’ and that he was around 6’4″. According to the story Nancy passed on, and some of WDG and Nancy’s children lived the house until they passed on. Nobody lives there now, but some descendents live next door. Pamela posed the question of exploring the house to her father-in-law, but he didn’t respond. He was not sure how his extended family would feel about it. It looked like there were lots of things still in the house.

There was a Jerry Merritt born 1883, that lived with them in Richlands, Onslow Co., NC in 1900, from the 1900 Census ED 80, page 1. from a Soundex by Jackie Weeden. She is showed on a tombstone record buried with her husband William Durant Green Whaley in the Whaley Cemetery at Richlands, Onslow Co., NC., she would have been 81 on her birthday in 8 more days.

Marriage Marriage Notes for WILLIAM WHALEY and NANCY JONES:
Nancy and William Durant Green Whaley are buried in the William Durant Green Whaley Cemetery, Onslow Co., NC.

Ida was born on a farm near Black Warrior River near Tuscaloosa, Ala. Her family traveled by covered wagon to Bowie County, Texas when she was under 10 years of age. Info by Carmen Lyons.

William S Spencer and Lucinda Morris

14 11 2009
Wm. S and Lucinda Spencer

Parents of 12 children including John Kirby Spencer
Grandparents of Ida Spencer Whaley, etc.
Great-grandparents of Mary, Tammie and Lucien Whaley, etc.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery (Methodist – Ralph, AL)
(headstones not found)

William Saldon OR Saldin OR Salladdin II Spencer
Born abt 1814 (age 35 Tuscaloosa, AL) Died abt 1870
tombstone – Westley Methodist Chruch outskirts of Tuscaloosa, AL.

wife Lucinda or Lucy Morris b 1817 (age 33 1850 Tuscaloosa, AL died after 1870 – Wesley Cemetery. They married Oct 30, 1839 in Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama.

I have been told a William S. Spencer born September 17, 1790 Georgia died August 13, 1814 tombstone found in Shakerag Methodist Cemetery Mt. Pleasant a few miles SSE of Tuscaloosa, AL is the father of William Saldon born abt 1814

I have been told Jesse Morris b 1800 d 1848 Tuscaloosa AL married Nancy Sept 15, 1812 Morgan Co,GA are the parents of Lucinda born 1817 According to marriage record Lucinda first married Joel Andderson Pierce in November 30, 1837 Tuscaloosa AL Then on Oct 30 1839 she married William Saldon Spencer as Lucy Pierce…..

William Saldon OR Saldin Spencer born abt 1814 (age 35 Tuscaloosa, AL) died abt 1870 tombstone Westley Methodist Chruch outskirts of Tuscaloosa, AL. wife Lucinda or Lucy Morris b 1817 (age 33 1850 Tuscaloosa, AL died after 1870 Wesley Cemetery. They married Oct 30, 1839 in Tusculoosa Co., Alabama.

They had maybe 12 children *I am sure of
1. *John Kirby b 1839 (listed 4 in 1850 AL d 1905 buried Redwater, Bowie Co, Texas. near wife Leslie Elizabeth “Rebecca” Williams b Nov 17, 1849 AL died Nov 30, 1898 Redwater, TExas 5 children 2 spouses
2. Sarah b aabt 1840 age 10 1850 AL census married Will Meeks.
3. Mary abt 1842 listed age 8 1850 AL census married unknown.
4. William Salon (Salladdin II) abt 1844 listed age 6 1850 AL Census
5. Margaret S. “Maggie” OR Margarete b about 1847 Alabama married Washington Leeton
6. Harriet abt 1849 listed 1 in 1850 Tusculoosa AL census married Ike Maharette or Mahoney.
7.* Jesse M. Spencer aft 1850 AL d ?1905 on tombstone Redwater, Texas married James H. “Jim” Staggers in Alabama
8. Melissa aft 1850 AL married a McCain
9. Ida Jane aft 1851 married Benny Marharette
10. *Joshua Octavius “Josh” OR Ott b Sept 10, 1851 Tuscalosa, AL died January 18, 1923 Redwater, Texas **This is my line** He married Emmonds Robuck b Aug 22, 1856 died February 10, 1942 Redwater, Texas Married December 23, 1877 maybe 1875 Lafayette Co., Miss They had 8 children. My grandmother was #6 born July 4, 1888.
11. Maria b abt 1857 in Alabama listed ae 13 in 1870 Tuscaloosa, AL census
12. George Washington b Oct 25, 1862 Tuscaloosa, Al listed on 1870 census died April 21 1949 Batesville, Panola Co, Miss Black Jack Cemetery Married July 10, 1881 Oxford, MS to Tempy Ann Meeks b July 4, 1862 AL died July 9, 1941 Batesville, Panola Co, Miss Black Jack Cemetery. They had 1 children.